HYO String Seating Audition Instructions 

Harford Youth Orchestra String Seating/ Audition Instructions:

Please download the appropriate excerpts be sure to follow temp markings.

You must play all excerpts for your instrument.

Email Ms.Pape  to setup your audition 

Violin excerpt 1A

Violin Excerpt 1B

Violin Excerpt 2

Violin Excerpt 3

Viola Excerpt 1A

Viola Excerpt 1B

Viola Excerpt 2

Cello Excerpt 1A

Cello Excerpt 1B

Cello Excerpt 2

Bass Excerpt 1A

Bass Excerpt 1B and end of 1A

Bass Excerpt 2A

Bass Excerpt 2B

** Students who have not yet been accepted into HYO may be asked to play scales including D, G, C, A, F, Bb, and Eb  major in addition to their prepared excerpts.  If you would like to bring a separate piece to play to showcase your skills, you may do that in addition to the excerpts and scales.  

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